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x0xMore Picsx0x


Heres more and more pics to come lol!!!


Here is mike ur great hunnie xoxox


Heres mi chelsea again in da car eh hun good memoz lol hun vroom vroom hahah xoxo


Holyshit how many pics do i have of you lol u r still great tho hun to many memoz to name eh hun xoxo


This is celeste haha there are lots of good times hun but some times we dont get along but meh  lol ur still great xoxo


This is cel again haha ur winnie the pooh hat nice hun you look awsuzm in dis pic lol ur sexieh xoxo


This is carly haha hun ur to funni to many memz eh omg ur pink net lol that concert was the best eh!!!


This is brad loto hah hun u were to funni when you came to our school haha when i straighed ur hair lmfao!!!


This is beckie she is leaving me for high school this year going to miss yeh tonz lol xoxo love yeh tonz more den anything xxoo


This is apoe and jesse lol aww u guys r so cute lol but donald is betta apoe!! lol love yeh


This is mi sexieh apoe and her dolly haha nice april ur awsuzme hun lol love yeh tonx tonz on memoz lol xoox


Mi Tiia And Apoe lol u to are awesome what would i do without you guys hunz xox u too are to great lol omg to many good times xoxo


This is mi sexieh nathan ur mi dirty dancer lol u got corn rolls now how could u do that to your afro lol hun ur great xoox