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[F]avour[ii]te [Q]uo[t]es A[n]d Memor[ii]es

.Here. are .some. of .mii. favouriite .quotes. lol!!

ii love you not only because of who you are, but also because of who iI am when ii'm wiith you.

I love you! You are my everything you have helped me thro jus about every problem i have EVER had... and i love you with all that i am..You mean the world to me...and if there is anything i could ever help you with jus let me kno...As soon as ur readi to love me... i will drop my world to be ur gurl....... i love you.....

I love the way you hold me and how I feel free the way all the pain dissolves and the fear is free to leave I love the way you kiss me: it makes me feel just right in the right places and up late at night You are always there for me when others roam around when i wanna cry you make me feel alive I hope i never lose you like the way i did before I know i should trust you and never let you go I know you care about me and the same goes for you: if by chance something goes wrong, you know i'm there for you

When I first met you, We were friends from the start, Then you made a promise, That we would never part. You were so incredibly amazing, Along with being different from the rest. I don’t know how you did it, But you stole my heart from my chest. Ill never stop loving you, And nothing can make us part. For I love you now, And forever, We were friends from the start.

*WhY Do I BoThEr, WhY Do I CaRe, WhY Do I SeE YoU EvErYwHeRe...WhY Am I SaD, WhY Do I CrY, WhY DoN'T I JuSt LeT DaYz Go By...WhY Do I LoVe YoU As MuCh As I Do, WhEn YoU DoN't LoVe Me As I LoVe YoU...It BrEaKs My HeArT, My SoUl InSiDe, It FeElS As ThOuGh As If I HaVe DiEd...I HiDe My UnHaPpInEsS, My UnEaSiNeSs ToO, I FeEl ThIs WaY BeCaUsE Of ThE WaY I LoVe YoU

I’m sorry about never trusting you, I’m sorry for always hurting your feelings, I’m sorry I can’t be who you want me to be, I’m sorry I can’t be perfect, I’m sorry for our past experiences, I’m sorry for lien to you all the times I did, I’m sorry I’m not your dream girl, What I’m trying to get through is that, I’m sorry I can’t be good enough to be with you

"Best Friends" Although it's quite a statement, well it happens to be true, the best friend i'v ever had, I'm glad to say is you, You're there if I should need you, and you never turn away, I know I can depend on you, at any time of day, We've had our ups and downs, as nearly everybody does, but problems never last long with special friends like us Some people have so many friends with whom they spend there time. But no one has a best friend who's as wonderful as mine. So thanks for always being there, our friendships strong, and I just want to let you know, I'm always here for you

I wish i could tell you how much i love you, but i am scared you don't feel the same. I wish i could have just one more chance, to show you how happy i can make you. Every time i see you my hear bursts into flame, because i can't hold you or give you a kiss. But these are not the big things is miss. I miss the feeling of being wanted, loved, and held. But this poem can't even begin to tell the things my heart holds.

CAUTION: I may have the sudden urge to kiss u! Be Prepared !

If You Show Me Yours. I'll Show You Mine!

Do u know what would look good on u? ME!

Save water...shower with someone

Why is it that anything great that comes in my life always gets taken away????
As much as it pains me to see you gone, as much as I'd like you back, all i truly wish is for you to be happy.
A BIG bowl of ice cream fixes all problems!!!!!!!
I tHiNk Im AfRaId Of BeInG hApPy Bc EvErYtImE i Am HaPpY sOmEtHiNg BaD aLwAyS hApPeNs
don't tell me lies they are hard 2 heel, just tell me how you really feel.
*-• Sometimes the person you love just doesnt understand how much you love them •-*

Here are some times i spent with everyone lolz

*~*Rolling on my floor*~*   

*~*Being Hungry At Dalts*~*   

*~*Taking Baths on Da Phone*~*

*~*Water Fights*~*              

*~*Trying To Toe Me*~*           

*~*Bawating Dance*~*

*~*Dances lol*~*                 

*~*Mi Skirt In Bed*~*                 

*~*Swimming lol*~*

*~*The Tampon omg*~*      

*~*Stalking Me On Da Phone*~* 

*~*Wanna make out lol*~*


 *~*Smoke Buddie*~*                     

*~*Mi Yellow Pants*~*

*~*Grad Pic's*~*                 

*~*Our Stupid Fights*~*                  

*~*Being friends forever*~*

*~*Falling school buses*~*

*~*Fire Works*~* *~*Concerts*~*

*~*Smile Face Ball*~* *~*biking*~*

*~*Poles Rule*~* *~*Drunk Dances*~*

*~*Splooging A's*~* *~*Windows*~*

*~*Couple Moviies Aish*~*

*~*dariy Queen*~* *~*

*~*Guns in da Mall*~* *~*Fake Nails*~*

*~*Falling Off Mi Bike*~* *~*Fights*~*

*~*Lets Get High*~* *~*coolers*~*

*~*Spice Girls*~* *~*boogie Man*~*

*~*G.W Rox*~* *~*Rox our sox*~*

*~*Running in circles really fast*~*

*~*Loving Jeff*~* *~*aish our ears*~*

*~*The notes lol*~* *~*Candy Wars*~*

*~*carlys net*~* *~*dying ur hair purple*~*

*~*Duh lmfao*~* *~*Wanna Be mi B/f*~*

*~*Hi Eat me*~* *~*Donuts*~*

*~*No1 makes me bleed my own blood*~*

*~*Hey There Big Boi*~*

*~*How do you feel about that*~*

*~*Ally Wacky Cake eww!*~*

*~*Bum Buddies*~* *~*Bed Broke lol*~*

*~*To The window to the walls, Till Sweat Drop Down Mi Balls,lol*~*

*~*Fire Works*~* *~*Concert*~*

*~*Jeff Cookies*~* *~*Making Cake*~*

*~*Camp lol*~* *~*Hard Enough Bed*~*

*~*To Many Good Times Every1 lol*~*