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*~Ally & Aish Page~*


These Are Mi Very Best Friendz Forever!


You guys mean the fuckin world to me and i love you guys more than anything and i wouldnt know what to do without you in mi life!!! You guys mean more to me than life its self and without you guys right now i wouldnt be here because you make a big differents in mi life!! i hope you know how much i do care about you guys and will never wanna lose you ever in mi life you like mi sisters and we fight once in a while but it all turns out in da end lol you guys are da bomb!!luv yeh

Mi Ally
its ally your mi best friend and always will be know matter what hun xoxo!!!


Allyson: its ally your da bomb hun i dont know what to do without you hunnie your the only reason im alive hun if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be here rigth now! we have so many goood memories eh hun omg where do i start, well...when we were lil you dyed mi hair with bleech haha hun and locked me in the freezer down stairs eh ur bad...umm going to camp and sleepin in the hut lol..mosquitos lol i hate them i was like slapping miself all night it hurt ally..swimming in friggen freezing cold water..teaching ky dance moves..lighting the hut on fire..halloween was da bomb..sneaking out the window to see the guys..i friggen fell out of the mail boxs lol..crying ova jeff and mike omg we are stupid not really..getting me and jeff back together..fire works sitting on da ground..concert mi neck hurts too..puttin me on your shoulders..listening to jeff sleep on da phone..wanna make out lol omg u me and aish lol..hey there big boi..lindz and 69 lol thats so funnie..little women lol..chasing fire flies..bum buddies u me and dalt...mud sliding omg..last breathe before death..dogs are evil..the tree fort haha it broke..dalt almost died moutianing climbing..dalts house..grad was da best..your fake nails lol..ur a hooker..your mom is spedrick..jeff loves you and made me cry lol..full moons omg to funi eh..everytime cheers us up eh hun:(...we sux at singing..our slippers at grad they were great...stripping outside nice..swimming at john roads jeff almost got kicked out lol...were plesantly plump lol..finding the hole in da raft...dances..your the 3rd wheel of me and geos dates haha..lets pull a michael woOow...drinking beer at mi house lol..beds broken omg not again dont move lol...catching frogs to many times..friggen blood sucker on kyla you were so friggen stupid...scotty doesnt know right lol..flash opps sorry hun that was a mistake i didnt  mean too lol...ur wacky cake was so nasty omg i like turned green haha..jeff called you back at 2:30am omg good thing your dad wasnt home eh lol..there are so many good memories and times i cant remember them all lol tell me if i forgot any xox love yeh


Mi Aish
its aish your da best hun i love yeh tonz neva wanna lose yeh as a friend xoxo!!!


Aishia: Where can i start with you aish umm well i do care about you alot and you have always been there for me no matter what hun and i do thank you for that sweetie now its time to name off some memories of you and me omg too many eh hun! Well lets start then eh hun..riding are friggen deadly bikes..eating ice cream..mouching money off people..getting called lesbians..lol lesbians dont say that lesbians lol..can we join you hah that was funnie..you got a cookie thrown at you..fries from wendys..walkin everywhere..cops lol with brad..movies together...drunk dance omg..when the guys slepted ova haha..our skirts no good idea..trying to walk in the co-ops..talking to the computer screen...spying on me under da table..those stupid hamburger buns got hard..curly fries haha...6 bowls of cereal..fire works were scary...concert hurt mi neck lol..falling down da stairs...smaking our heads off mi roof lol..ice caps lol..donut haha to many..showers we love them eh..gettin me and jeff together..stealing dills axe lol...crying together all the times lol..childhood:(...brushing our teeth all the time..alcohol in da bathroom at school..making soup..8 hours walking omg lets bet it eh...sex on a beach eh..island party...paddle boat..sea weed gross...shopping for underwear haha good times eh hunnie..spit or swallow eh aish ahha...climbing out the window at allys haha..they killed buckbeack:(...know body make me bleed my own blood lol..lets thro a wrenck at someone eh haha...babysitting that was so much fun..you took up the whole couch...feet are gross eh hun..well i dont know if i can name anymore hun way to many good times eh hunnie love yeh tonz xoxo