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[S]ho[u]t o[u]tz




            S hou T O u T z


 ` Aishia: best buds forever hun! lol we've been thru so much and still are friends! omg circle meatings this year rule :) anyways..to much fun at camp this year eh aishia haha omg when you climbed out ally's window good job just smack your head ha-ha hee hee. Cristoph lol he died lol but his brother is to stubborn.  `

* ` Trevor Bradly - yr friggen amazing huni! im so glad were going out beb! i love being with you and the person i am when im with you! hope we never apart! haha your great a skateboarding lol even better than guidnon! why didnt you tell me than were so blonde! lmfao you always get picked on first its not fair lol eating my pizza you piggies! your great beb neva change ever please! bffe ! but also love you forever and always you'll come first in my heart <3 ~ ` *

`*   Geordon: Geo ur awsome bebz omg when were goin out all those times u got 32 on bop it lol!! u sux jk ur the best!!! When you got lost in the dallirama that was funny I had to look around the mall for you and u were in there lol ur to funi love yeah hun so much xox frienz 4eva!!!How was ur banana with the whole peal omg hun jack ass movie eh hunnie good times love yeh xoxo brick walls are you eh hunnie  ...lol you got a cupcake on the side of your head at Alex’s b-day haha omg!  * `


`   Dustin: dustin when u were here for the summer when I bumped mi head like a million times its not funi!!! I can’t believe u came and got me at 8:00 in the morning ur to funi!!! Remember at ur aunts painting ur nails pink with sparkles lol that was gr8!! omg mi tummy makin noises that was to funi!!We had gr8 times eh don’t no wat to do without you! You and tylor black mail me too much hun   `


`    Steph: Omg hun u live right across from me lol amazing!!! Were fat bum sisters love yeah tons!!!Omg its funi we both went out with jordon and caned him in 5 days lol thats mean!!! ur so sexeh hun neva change we have are moments but we get thru them cuz we love each other! ! love yeah xoxox!!!!<3 riding our bikes to jeffs lol cute stuff eh haha u snoore i got 3 hours of sleep u got 4 lucky you bebz our skirts are awesome xoxo  `





` *  Chelsey: Chels ur amazing hun!! u got me and jeff bak together ur like mi big sis wat would i do without you hun!! that dance was great with yeah eh hun neva change!!! haha your in high school now ill see you next year beb!:D * `


`  Donny: Donald duck lol ur great hun you helped me thru all mi times i had!! you always made me stop cryin ur great hun omg!!! ur eyes r pertty!!! Thibbs is funi eh hun ur so mean to him but meh who cares n e way i still love yeah to death always will!!xoxo   `


`   Dylan: Dill your the greatest hun but i still cant believe we broke up but meh!! Were always friendz we've been friendz since grade 2 so we still r  and i love yeah for it hun!! when i pulled your pants down omg im sorry but it was so funi hun lol!! i hope u neva

change bebz lov yeh!!!xoxo   `



` *  Travis. S: Travis ur so funni hun!!go hug a cow lol!!u and me at the movies lol the gum i cant believe u shuved 12 pieces of gum in mi mouth and chucked mi shoe lol well i did i to u first lol great times love yeh xox!!!i bit you to get mi keys back lol haha! shave

it ur so nice kid lol u sit beside her now !  * `


`   Josh. D: Josh when i first met you lol it was funi i saw yeah at the dance and then we huged and i just starded makin out with you lol that was funni!! Spending 75$ on you was so fun!! lets kill the balloons haha that was great!!pickin u up from skool was halarious i fell off the hill lol!!love yea xoxo!!!  `


 `   Ashlee: WE ARE TWINS LOL THAT WAS FUNI!! our pink shirts were olsen twins or barbies that was so funi!! we had some good times eh lol!!the soup i was singing to that was halarious

 love yah!!!xoxo stoner on bus lol that was friggen funni!   `


` *  Kyle: ur the greatest cuzin we have been there for eachother and i no wat it is like to get beatin hun so dont feel along!!!But i always will love yeah ur such a blond hun we had great times eh lol when were hyper when ur mom slapped me that was so friggen funni eh lol love yea!!xoxo * `


`  Ali: Weed that was so funi, hash oil lol wasnt mi fault, getting drunk of smear off lol that was great!!! goin to paquettes lol that was funni!! omg sneakin dusitn in the house that was great and funni!! we had some good times ur mi smokin buddie for life hun!! love ya to!!!xoxo Slushies rule eh you o me money hun lol cody rules eh lol haha!!! no more popsicles! Ironing my pants:@ omg x0x  `


 `  Richard: ur the best hun u still love me! u and me smokin buds forever eh hun!! were the best at dirrty dancin that was funi eh bebz omg we had so much fun together i love yeah so much hun!!! Xoxo   `


 ` *  Trevor: Trev we had amazing times eh at the movies that was great!! n e way we should sleep in a tent some time lol that was so funni!!hun im so sorry for hurting you so much i hope we can put it all be hind us and get bak to normal cuz i love yeha tons too xoxo!!! GEORDON GOT HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A CUPCAKE haha your guitare eh lol thanks for an awzume night:D love you * `


`  Tiia: Hun ur awsome u always made me stop cryin and talked to jeff for me!! ur like always there for me and without you i would prolly be dead right now hun and im so glad ur there for me hun ur the bestest!!love yeah tons and more!!xoxo lol ur moms shirt omg

omg i missed you lol in da mall we were loners luv you  `





 `  Ryan: Ry ur halarious hun we gotta pratice ur break dancin more and u'll be perfect for it! ur so amazing hun ur mi lil shorty i neva wanna lose yeah as a friend cuz ur alway there for when i cry bebz love yeah for that!!xox I Cant Beleive you left us to see your dad in toronto lol but i still love you boozer lol thanks for making me feel better at the korah dance hun I had a lot on my mind but we won a prize for dancing eh lol;) love you huni x0x`


` *  Andrea: When you asked for the glass of water opps i thought u said lots of vadca and a lil water well who cares u were smashed haha nice one bebz!!taylor has two dogs lol we had our fights but we got thru them and now were okie friends!


 `   Alex: no more fighting ova jeff!! its gay we liked hated eachother last year! we could have had lost of fun being friends last year:( aww that was gay:@ we had amaizng times and have been friends since grade 1 so i just wanna say i love yeah hun!!xoxo your b-day was awzume man! CUPCAKES BAD IDEA?:S!   `


 `  Brittney: Hun ur the best frined wat would life be like

without you hun ur so great hunnie we had so pritty wild time together eh hun love yeah tons and more and more xoxo!!!  `


`  *  Tylor: Hun so many great memz the dance how did you know i liked jeff lol:P haha meeting karl was funni lol!! some good times hun lolz well luv yeh tonz and i hope were friends forever hun..dont listen to what people say! haha blonde moments eh oppz love you x0x * `







 `  Brad: Hun your off to high school already:( now whos going to be my dancing buddie you were the best and now your leaving me for high school lol oh well we had great times pissing jacylnne off by going out lol that was fukin funni lmfao beating the shit out

 of eachother!!! love yeh xoxo mauh   `


`  Steph perri: hun i dont know you that well but your awesome so far we will be bbfeaea4l we have great times with jeff eh hun lol we have weird convos to lol but ur the greatest neva eva wanna lose yeh hunnie xoxox You Sat in gum on da dirty bus lol omg im a good friend eh there i picked it off your ass lol omg that was so fun ice cream rules stupid machine took ur money lol good times hun splooging A's rule haha especially us omg xoxo   `


` * Carly: hun when we were little we met in a very embarrsing place that i wont name lol omg and we have great times with jeff and some bad lol good times naming squierrls with ally omg good times well i hope we neva coem apart chwo xoxo hunnie Our ball and pink net at the concert mike is awesome eh ur daddy went to the concert eh lol good times aww xoxo * `


`    Sam: ur awesome hun ur another smoke buddie!!! fuk the fire works were scary eh hun lol but you were there for me hun thanxs!! ur mi dirty dancin buddie!! holdin smokes in our

bras good times lol you blow up at the dance thanks so much! haha bus together yay x0x luv you   `









`    Nicole: hun your da best you standed up for me when i almost got the shit kicked outta me lol your awesome gettin suspended together lol fun times hun lmfao friends for life!!

haha my b-day you slept with my peaches ahha..you went eggie omg my mom in da morning what happen to the eggs..lol your my dancing buddie!!..i promised you and ill keep it you sit beside me now yay love you bffe chow!   `


` *  guindons lil bro: Your awesome hun i love your red hair i cant believe you got drunk at stephs next door neighbour lol omg that was too funnie  u almost got charged for underage drinking in ur slushie omg hun ur to funi u look high 24/7 hun good times together eh bum wars great times xoxo  * `


 `  Travis M: Your great hun spending time with me and josh is fun eh hun your so fun to be with the friggen donuts lol good times bebz neva wanna lose yeh as a friend stop it rob omg to funnie sweetie xoxo  `


 `  craig: Hun ur an awesome cuzin what would life be without you your a lil messed up but o well i can beat the sit out of you and so can jake so o well u still great hun u looked so cute when you graduated lol xoxo   `


 `*  Kizzo: your great hun going to the dances picking up trevor and jeff good times trevors in da shower eh lol dont wear skirts to da dances right lol you and steph when you guys slepted ova good times omg when jeff was mad at me thanks hun for helping me taking da bus skipping skool haha to many good memoz lol cant wait till next year lol xoxo! * `




`  Jacylnne: I HATE YOU!!! i cant believe you got me suspended you stupid bitch that was so mean omg kid and than you try saying sorry the next day that aint going to help you hun i hope you learnt your leason know one messes with me and you should no that by now still hate you xoxo that was a while ago but your pritty cool now that your in high school you changed :D yr a great b-ball coach !! thanks (L)  `


 `  Blake: Your great we only met once but your still awesome hun lol that wasnt tha short way i swear that was the long way lol xo `


` * Jeff: your great hun! we had a great summer eh ur camp was awzume lol cant remember half of it anyways..we had some fun times and bad but we got thru them all and are still friends

hopefully you will never forget me i love you hun more than anything! thanks beb ! Well we do fight a lot eh haha 60 times dont forget that i know were not going to stay friends forever but ill never eva forget you i promised you that! sorry beb love you! * `


 `  Mikey: mike beb ur my best friend! and has always bine there for me thanks so much we had to many good times to name eh! lol i miss you so much i hardly ever get to see you anymore eh aww but i still love you..your a mary fairy u sux i wanted you to go to korah! `


`   Ally: huni your always going to be my best friend no matter what ill never forget you! we had so many much awzume great times together i cant even name all them haah i miss you alot since your gone to high school but thanks for everything beb ! (L)love you;)  `






` *  Dalt: dalt to many fun times haha swimming at my grandparents egging at jeffs camp haha cake and brownies eh i studd up for you eh beb i took your side instead of his..i sat there and cried to dalt when we were talking you scart me so bad love you beb x0x * `


`  Katie: LUNDERGAIN! haha your so great in basket ball beb i love you haha ur so funni you always make everyone laugh eh! cant wait till high school! toronto is going to be so fun with you haha i cant wait to graduate with you! aww we had good years together! x0x  `


 `  Heather: KINGER ! your play was awzume! haha yay! u got 2 awards at basket ball this time haha im proud of you! your mom made us eat all the fruit and veggies but no chips:( i love beb bffe!   `


`*  Jordan: THE NEW GUY! haha omg hun thanks so much for everything so far! ur a talker lol were going to have so much fun this year! thanks for taking my mind off everything!! your such an awzume person love you tonz (L)  * `


 `  David: BOOGER!! thats ur name cuz you put a booger on my finger lol dont beat me up!:( ur so cute and short lol ur too awzume bam eh ! slobber haha that was so gross! hopefully you can go on are toronto trip:(:S lol doubt it eh! love you tonz x0x  `





`   Dillian: yr great huni! thanks for holding my t-shirt at the friggen dance holy shit it was hot in there! i cant believe your mom is failing me in science! haah dont make fun of us at basket ball:S thats mean thanks for tha money tho luv you x0x  `


` *  Sauve: your too great! lol we fell in the snow at the dance eh beb that was cold! but you had at t-shirt on so it wasnt so good! haha fun dance eh you making fun of my dance moves!  * `


`   Kelso: PUGGIE!     oh yeh our nick names fun night at your house babe cookie dough and ice cream! and PICKLES AND PROGIES!! thanks :D:D:D those were so great!your so pritty hun cleaning the toy room haha that was dusty but fun! dressing up than pictures lol yay! overtired! grinding with cookie dough haha love you chow! x0x:D  `


`   Jenn: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! haha dirrty dancing togetha eh ;) thanks for everything jenn you made me relize that its not worth it babie :( :) thanks so so much! fun night on my b-day eh! lol anytime for you too! love you tonz 0x0x ;) :P :D  `


` * Robbie: I PICKED YOUR BOOGER FOR YOU! haha your too great beb bffea hoprfully! your socks were soaked lol that sucks u looked lonley! tongue touching club eh lol you to funi! your crazy on da phone haha! lol hope we hang out more! dont get grounded! plz luv you x0x *  `


`  labbe: your so great hun bffe bus that was funi to funi tho! at the dance omg that was horrible i would be scared too lol !! you and matty look so cute together stay togetha! plz love you chow! `


` Grammy: Alochol with everyone at the party!! Lol you’re a great dancer;) omg that was such a fun night! Friggen tomas and ally making fun of us o well I didn’t see them dancing so:P haha ! church is fun too I cant believe you ripped the page out of the bible lol to funni! Good memz so far hope theres more to come!


* ` Apoe - apriil your awzume beb! we dont reali hang out that much! but we do talk and you help me with everything i need help with lol! thanks so much for everything apoe i wouldnt make it thru without yew! luv you x0x ` *


` * Tay ouiiment - yr one of mah ladiies haha! yuppies dont wory he wont break mii heart lol he loves me ! i tiink:S ahh but anyways to many good convos eh! many more memoriies to come and have hopefully lol bffe! x0x ` *