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Jeffiie daviies ! fiirst thiing ii can say iis .. ii love yew! haha bffe! well babiie we had amaziing memories eh well so far! hopefully theres lotz more to come eh! were always fighting now and iits gay! everything was fine until stuff happend! i kno i cant go back on all those times i hurt yew but if i could i would take them all back hunni! i swear i never wanted to hurt yew! cause i do care about yew more than anything i hope yew kno! and if yew every need me ill be here for yew! hope we can stay friends foreva and always muahiiezz !


Wow! daviies to many times togetha eh! this page is just for yew hope yew love itt like i love yew lol! ;) well i got all year pics and your info on here lol ! everything we have went thru and have to go thru togetha lol high school for me next year w` yew cant wait ! yay !!! hopefully friends foreva babiie!



Just Perfect    Jumping   Drop dead Hot
Evil                  Unusual   Amazing
Falled in love  Sexy!!      Valuable
Forever=me    Trustful   Interested;)
                         In love    Everything
                         Nice        Super Sweet

This is jeff he is so sweet and nice i wouldnt know what to do without him he is mi idol and he got me from a slut to a bitch thanxs jeff love yeh tonz You dont know how much you mean to me you mean the world to me hun and nothing else could mean as much to me as you hun when i lose you i cry miself to sleep trying to tell myself that its just another guys and hes not worth my tears but see to me your not just another guys your a wonderful guy and you are worth my tears cause you do cry for the ones you love and you get thru everything with them and thats what we always do we get thru every single fight we have and i hope everything will change soon xoxo!!


FuLL naMe:Jeff Justin Davies

sEx:All the time j/k  Male

haiR coLoR: dont member     

Eye CoLoR:brown

HeiGhT:toooo short

WiEgHt:tooo fat

ShOe siZe:9


SkEwL:h.m robbinz

HiGh sKewL:korah

FaVe DaY: saturday parties


FaVe CoLoRs:Hot pink, Lime green

FaVe pLaCe: my house wit my gurl n other ppls houses wit my gurl

FaVe sHoWs spongebob, bob the builder n porno

FaVe mOviEs:how high, half baked

FaVe FoOd: PasTa

FaVE gUrLz: ashley, kayla, perri, aishia, carley, chelsey

FaVe bOiZ- NoT gAy

Questions jeff answered and put on his page so i hope you know a lil more about jeff now coming straight from him lol xox!!



Hun ur so awesome everything on dis site about you i mean cuz ur mi everything hun i love yeh tonz i even used your fav colours lol im going to miss you so much i cant believe your going to high school so this summer i gotta spend as much time as possible with you before i lose you hun and i wouldnt know what to do if i lost you hun but every time i do we always make it thru everytime hun and i hope we can keep doing that cuz i hate losing you so please never forget me hun xoxo!!



Well you and i had awesome times and more to come we got so many memoz i cant even name them all hun we had such a good year together even if we got in fights we got thru every1 cuz thats how much we need eachother i guess eh hun ur too too great xoxo