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M[ii] Sex[ii]eh Bo[ii]s


This is my sexieh jeff hun ur so hot i love yeh so much hun we had so many good times hun lol 3 times already lol were too funi hun neva wanna lose a friend like you!!!




This is Dustin your awesome hun xoxo best friends for life hun neva wanna lose yeh as a friend xoxo

This is ryan hes the greatest person we've been friends since grade 1 your an awesome friend ever!!!


This is ryan again you look like shit here hun lol frig what were you doing im jk hun but u still look halarious!!!


This is travis hun we've been out a couple times but were still friends no matter what thanks for everything hun xoxo


This is donny we have been friends since this year your a really close friend and i neva wanna lose yeh hun xoxox


This is jeff again but he looks like a scare crow haha you look friggen fuked in this pick lol xoxo love yeh hun


This is jeff again lol and your sexieh blonde hair lol you look awesome hun lol xoxo


This is dylan hes one of my best friends hun luv yeh tonz friends 4 life xoxo


This is cody haha hun you look awesome with black hair xoxo


If I Forgot any guys tell me or send me some picks and ill put you on lol xoxox

Heres mike ur awesome hun luv yeh xoxo'z


Heres another picture of jeff lol enough pic's kid lol love yeh xoxo'z


This is travis mezz he is awesome and we've been friends for 6 months now great eh hun your so fun to many memo'z eh hun xoxo


This is tyler hes awuzme hun life would be pritty fuked up without you eh hun xoxo



Heres jesse and nathan you guys are awesome nathan your too sexieh lol hun jesse ur a cutie hun lol ur to are great xoxo