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Well thiis iis mi amaziing miike yr so great hun you should be happy now you got yr own page lol yr too great hun what would ii do wiithout you eh we have so many good memoriies and way more to come ii hope we neva forget eachother ii cant beliieve your gone to hiigh school already hun ii miiss you tonz beb bffeaeaea4l oxox Well we had lots of memoriies eh ii dont know where to start..the concert to fun you were the only guy...moviies haha siittiin on ur lap..jeff the moviies startiing eh lol..fiire works were tonz of fun...haha weres mii wand omg..calliing you from the pay phone...going to yr door omg...geordon falliin off hiis board..u and jeff going over the speed bumps..bones make us siick..ur guiitar awesome iits blueiish green haha...straiighten yr haiir arnt you priitty..liightiing thiings on fiire ahah..urs and jeffs jack ass moviie..washiing yr haiir at dalts omg too funii hun...piicking me and ally up on da coner..ryan almost got raped...piickiin you up from school..stealiing candy from the galaxy...dances were good tiimes eh hunii..catching the wrong bus eh..yr dad calliing yr cell every 5 miins..showiing up jeff on ps2 haha no iits only 16-9 jeff but ur goiing to wiin eh..well those are all the good tiimes ii can remember for now so ii hope theres more to come hunnii (L)(K);)mauh;)(K)(L)!!! Neva eva wanna lose yeh as  a friend kkz hunnie!


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